Tavern Pod rastočkim krovom is a real time machine and what people often look for: a rest for your eyes and your soul. In a pleasant homelike atmosphere, with a glass of wine or Croatian schnapps, you should try our local specialties: dumplings, bruise, doughnuts, homemade pone or corn bread – made from flour from our mill, homemade bread, strudel, noodles, trout from our fishpond and other Kordun specialties.

The tavern has two outdoor terraces, both over the River Slunjčica which will give you a misty refreshment during hot summer days. For colder, autumn and spring days, there are 40 seats inside the tavern. It is always better to make a table reservation so we can arrange the seating as you like. During the summer season, the reservations are preferred.

Except our local specialities, the tavern Pod rastočkim krovom offers many events such as guitar nights, jazz nights, poetry nights, Kordun nights, Christmas concert, New Years Eve and other.